Aestiva Tee Knitting Pattern by Rachel Costello
Duotone | Zeezee Textiles x Rachel Costello Knitwear
Tetra Slipover | Digital Knitting Pattern

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Hello friends! I am so delighted you are here! My knitwear design journey began 10+ years ago when I started knitting, but only in 2022 did I take the leap and began to learn how to design knitwear and how to write knitting patterns. My education and background in journalism, photography, web & graphic design, small business management has all collided here, along with my passion for knitting.

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Each pattern is throughly edited by a professional tech editor and thoughtfully laid out in an intuitive, two-column format with clear, easy-to-read instructions.


Each pattern is extensively test knit prior to publishing by a range of knitters of all sizes, shapes, and abilities, in yarns spanning all fibres and budgets.


Each pattern is designed to be a wardrobe staple, modern yet timeless, an everyday garment designed with the real-world in mind. 

Aestiva Tee Knitting Pattern by Rachel Costello

Aestiva Tee

Inspired by the word ‘aestiva’, which means the ‘light of summer’, this tee is the perfect warm-weather knit. Light fingering weight wool / linen blended yarn creates a fabric that is soft and airy perfect on its own for warm days or layered underneath your favourite shirt, cardigan or jumper for those cooler days.
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The faux ribbing is such a game changer!! I initially tried a 1x1 rib neckband and it looked so messy. I switched to faux ribbing and I really love how professional it looks!

~ Hank (test knitter)

I loved knitting this pattern! Perfect amount of relaxing stockinette split up by the occasional faux icord was great. I love the contrast from the colours and how they blend together.

~ Tiffany (test knitter)

I lived in my sweater the first three days after finishing if that tells you anything. I very much enjoyed this sweater and love the endless color choices you could come up with.

~ Danna @Oldsoulathome (test knitter)

I love the texture-marbling effext and the icord accents were so pretty to see come to life! I’ll definitely wear my finished piece a lot.

~ Cara (test knitter)

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Duotone Sweater | Knitting Pattern | Drop-Shoulder | Wool + Mohair


Relaxed and cozy, Duotone, a drop-shoulder sweater, showcases simple, marled stockinette that pops against the contrasting i-cord and trim details for maximum duality in both colour and texture. With two separate views and pattern options galore, a Duotone (or two!) is sure to become a must-have and a must-wear!


Tetra Slipover Knitting Pattern by Rachel Costello

Tetra Slipover

The Tetra Slipover is an all-seasons, versatile vest that champions creative construction with simple stitches. Stripe it, colour block it or keep it neutral - Tetra’s minimal, modern silhouette is the layering piece every wardrobe needs.


Grey handknit Fall Line sweater on a hanger

Fall Line Sweater

A modern, no-fuss take on a classic raglan. Worked seamlessly, from the top down, the Fall Line Sweater is a relaxed fit, compound raglan that features a decorative 2-stitch cable border separating 2x2 ribbing from stockinette on both the body and the sleeves.


Foundation Pullover - Knitting Pattern by Rachel Costello

Foundation Pullover

A classic, subtle silhouette, easy and comfortable to wear, the Foundation Pullover is an oversized, drop-shoulder sweater with ¾ length sleeves and shirttail hems with a folded trims that will be a foundation in your wardrobe for years to come.